The St. Augustine Rocketeers club was founded with the intention of forming a community where interest and passion for amateur rocketry could be fostered. One of our main goals is to support launches for the community and youth, boy scouts and girl scouts, as well as STEM rocketry activities for middle school, high school, and universities in St. Augustine, Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

Covid-19 has put a damper on most club activities. It is our policy to follow all applicable national, state, and local requirements, restrictions, and recommendations for the physical location of the event(s). It is important that all NAR scheduled launches plan for and respect social distancing. Our members are encouraged to find, read, and understand any and all state, county, city and local requirements for outdoor activities, such as rocket launches.

We want to be able to get together one weekend a month to conduct fully-insured Rocket launches. For this, we need to find us a launch site.

Today, that perfect local launch field is likely to belong to a school system, park department, or private landowner. While we’re proud of our safety record, it helps to know that NAR members are covered by $5 million worth of personal liability insurance to give that site owner added peace of mind! In addition, NAR Sections (us) can purchase insurance to cover the site owner separately! Please look at the National Association of Rocketry – Insurance for Launch Site Owners file.

I’m reaching out to farmers, St Johns County management and many other leads in order to secure a launch site. No results yet, so any help with this search is greatly appreciated.

This club is open to all the public, regardless of whether they have knowledge or experience on the subject of amateur rocketry. Little by little we plan to form workshops focused on the design and construction of your own rocket.

We will concentrate on model and medium power rockets, to support our educational and outreach goals, as well as participate in national rocket competitions. At this point, we do not have plans to launch high power rockets. We will explore that option in the future.

We hope you find model rocketry fun and rewarding, and invite you to join our club and visit here often. Contact us for information on membership benefits.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you soon.

Kind regards,

President, StAR 876