Membership Overview:

Membership to StAR is open to all adults, families and children who are interested in the hobby and/or science of rockets. We are a family oriented club that encourages activities in all aspects of the hobby, all while flying with a family friendly group!

Benefits of StAR membership include:

    • Access to club launch weekends with no per-weekend flying fees.
    • Fly with our equipment – pads to support rockets using 1/2A to G motors
    • Opportunity to give back by helping with TARC, the premier STEM competition in the country.
    • Membership card is a name badge to wear at every launch. Easy to meet everyone in the club!

Future benefits as the club grows

Membership Dues:

StAR will always strive to keep membership dues as low as possible.

StAR greatly appreciates the support of its members and other contributors!

StAR welcomes guests to just watch the excitement or to launch with us without obligation. We do ask that if you would like to launch with us on a fairly regular basis that you join StAR .

All dues and donations go towards maintaining equipment and supporting rocketry related activities and demonstrations.

Children will always fly free at StAR launches. If you as a parent wish to fly your own rockets or you wish to attend regularly we ask you join to help support our costs.

Regular Dues:

  • Senior Membership ($25) – Individuals 18 and older who are not part of a family membership.
  • Junior Membership ($20) – Individuals ages 14-17 who are not part of a family membership.
  • Family Membership ($40) – Immediate family members (flyer, spouse / domestic partner and children ages 14 -17).
  • Educational Team Membership ($40) – For high school/college/university team built rocket launches (10 members / team max, excluding the team advisor when that person is not part of the team, as in a TARC team). Team members seeking HPR certification must join StAR at the junior or senior membership level prior to their certification attempt.

Memberships run for the calendar year.

To begin the process start with the Registration page. Once you have created your account you will be redirected to the Dues page where you can select your membership level.