Resources on the TARC website available to teams and useful for online mentoring:
TARC 2021 Team Handbook. The authoritative how-to guide for TARC.
The Process of Designing a Rocket for TARC — A good tutorial article from the Apogee Components newsletter.
NAR “How to Build a Rocket” Video Series – 6 short YouTube step-by-step videos by the NAR on how to build and finish a model rocket similar to a TARC rocket
So You Want to be a Rocketeer” Video – A 10-minute video from MIT on how a rocket works and the steps of designing a typical model rocket
Parts of a TARC Rocket – A presentation describing what the component parts are for typical TARC rockets and what their catalog numbers are from the various TARC-supporting vendors who provide them
Flight Testing in TARC – A presentation on what all the factors are affecting flight performance of a TARC rocket and how to do a data-driven flight testing program to get a TARC rocket reliably onto the flight performance target.